February 3, 2018
By Anonymous


My happiness fulfills my heart as every blood drop pumps ,leaving it overwhelmed with joy as my facial expression grows a smile from ear to ear with soft light giggles

Feeling Love

The feeling of love is the best more like greatest emotion in the world, holding each other in our arms as my heart pumps for yours and your heart pumps for mines,a fusion of joy, happiness, temptation, fills our bodies thus leaving us safe within our bond and never breaking


When I'm feeling hurt its like dying slowly as my soul drain out with one single cut to my heart, as I try to hold on your charm until I can't feel no more while slowly releasing you within my arms as my skin turns cold and lust color

Self Hate

You know what is the worse feeling in the world that's bad than getting bullied. Self Hate. The feeling of hating the way you look, breathe ,think, walk, speak is horrible but yet I still do it. I can't stop myself from hating it's self. I just can't. I want to fix myself with pin and needles but all its doing is making more holes, more problems to deal with. I wish I can swap bodies to my ideal body and know how it really feels to love yourself but all I can do is try to shut myself from the pain while looking at my terrible reflect thru the window pane and wondering off til the light blue skies thinking"Is this healthy? ", "Is this right?",but all I come up with is "I don't know" for the answer.


Death, this five letter word I use to escape the envy of this environment. This loveless, heartless place in my soul that does not care about breathing and living. I feel lost trap inside  my own state of mind. I can not take it any more. Hearing. Tick tock tick tock from this pocket watch carving into my name. I want the ticking to end to leave a silent remedy into my soul thrust it's body rotten to it's core.

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