Feedback on How to Date: A Helpful Guide for the Horribly Confused

February 12, 2018
By JxshTxng SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
JxshTxng SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“How to Date: A Helpful Guide for the Horribly Confused” is a hilarious as well as sarcastic guide on getting a date pieced together by Lindsey Wiseman. And it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. In the step by step guide, Lindsey first talks about the first part, “Getting the Date.” In it, she explains that approaching your possible future significant other is everything and that doing something romantic or original won’t cut it. She then concludes that “cat-calling” is the way to go. The next step is “Planning the Outing.” In this step, she further emphasizes that romantic or original won’t get you going and that something like babysitting or dumpster-diving was some of the best dates she has had. The next one is “During the Date.” In this, Lindsey talks about how talking about yourself and discussing whatever is on your mind is the best thing to do. She also says how honesty is the best policy, so “you should tell them just how fat that dress makes them look.” The last and final step is “The Follow-Up.” In this concluding step, she talks about how after the first date you should follow up with a text after at least two to three weeks and that sending one-word texts will guarantee your chances.
  Lindsey’s well-written guide gave me a few outgoing chuckles, but also made me seriously think about what romance was. Was it romantic and loving, or more of a bonding and fun time kind of thing? My personal favorite step that she wrote about was the second one, “Planning the Outing.” In the step, the line “Nothing says ‘call me’ like changing a diaper.” is probably the best out of the whole guide, making me cackle in my room thus ending in my brother silently judging me. Although “How to Date: A Helpful Guide for the Horribly Confused” was most likely intended to just be a joke, who knows you might just end up getting that special someone you’ve been trying to go for all this time after reading this.

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