Feedback on Girls With Cherry Lipstick Smiles

February 10, 2018
By clarice.ost SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
clarice.ost SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“Girls With Cherry Lipstick Smiles” by Giselle Ponce-Lucatero from Hemet, CA, wrote very realistic description of popular girls in school. In the piece, she also compares herself to the universal popular girls, as well as their dominance in the school, the “food chain.” Giselle talks about how the popular girls control the school, control everybody, and determine where each student belongs on the social pyramid. This fiction piece has a very negative outlook on the students in all different schools, because it discusses how the top of the social pyramid controls everything and the while the nerds and bookworms are thrown dirty looks. The girls with cherry lipstick smiles are only cherry-sweet on the outside.
Personally, I really liked the piece because it accurately depicts the social pyramid in schools. It calls out the queen bees and puts them in their place, finally showing that their negative sides. One of my favorite lines was, “Those girls with beautiful acrylic nails that break boy’s hearts like they’re flipping a switch. The girls who know how to keep up with the latest fashion trends, like a book nerd keeps up with the latest friends.” This line covered all the bases, because it shows what cherry lipstick smile girls do to lure people’s attention with their beauty, while comparing them to book nerds and how they keep up with the latest books. I really did like the honesty of the piece, something that not many authors would be willing to state out in the open.

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