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February 9, 2018
By victoria.v BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
victoria.v BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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     This has been the most honest and interesting article yet. Bussey sure did answer most of the questions people have had; including me. When I see hair "in its own big and natural glory", I turn into one of thoes people that stare too much. My reason to stare is only because of how unique and gorgeous it appears. Observing how it is styled and perfected delights me. The struggle to style it everyday must become tiring but know that the outcome is always appealing. I now understand how it must be frustrating when people constantly ask about your hair. I assume it can affect your day negatively or positively depending on how the person asks and what they ask. Being confident of your hair is what is most important. People are born with different hair styles and textures that are distinct in their own way. This is why at the end of the day noone should question hair but admire and move on. Knowing how to treat your hair is one of the best ways to know your hair in order to style it flawlessly. As Bussey mentioned how her "skull is conditioned to not feel pain" when it is being pulled; not many people would be able to relate because of everyones different textures of hair and how different skulls are. Everyone has their everday rutine and Busseys' is everyday hair care. Thank you, Bussey for answering the everyday questions you are asked and for informing us of your experience as a woman with big hair. I hope people appreciate your hair from a distance so you can go on with your day. 

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