How to date? More like how to Single.

February 9, 2018
By Clarinet_God SILVER, Phoenix , Arizona
Clarinet_God SILVER, Phoenix , Arizona
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 The alleged “How to Date” excerpt is nothing short of dramatic and very entertaining. The author makes her point through a very specific and instructive language that is very agreeable in the ‘Guide’ format. Though her tone was light, and energetic, I believe that the author falls short in accurately representing the best steps to ensure a successful date. As a hopeless romantic, I can immediately say that the steps Wiseman describes are not wrong, but are also not ideal to all participants of the dating world. The first misconception, Step One: Though it may be Tacky or Cliche, I can confirm that the traditional flowers and signs have not been lost to the romantic pluses of being asked out. Step Three: Saying that your date can be deemed successful if the man makes vigorous “sexual comments and racial jokes” is inane and completely insensitive. Personally, a date would go south very fast for me if my date began making comments on my place in the kitchen or how great President Trump is. The follow up of the date (Step 4) is a whole nother ball game. If the date went well, and there are mutual attractions, I don't think that it is necessary to hold off contact for almost a month to continue the engagement. Yes, being needy or clingy is an immediate red flag that must be avoided, but waiting weeks could result in a loss of interest if the attraction was only a vague inclination. Moreover, the “helpful” guide to dating may be outstandingly helpful to some, but most, including myself find it hard to relate to some of the assumptions and backwards allegations of dating. 

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