Minorities in Entertainment

February 9, 2018
By Elyana SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Elyana SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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In " Minorities in Entertainment," Meghan Joshi highlights how minorities are underrepresented and even ignored  in media in order to convey how important representation is. Despite that the United States is known for being a great melting pot of cultures, that diversity suddenly dissapears on shows and movies. This exclussion of minorities is not only harmful for people in th U.S., but it's  also harmful to other countries as well since the U.S. is such a large producer in the entertainment industry. This is shown in the beauty standardsof Mexicans as well; their multifaceted culture and range of skin tones is overshadowed by predominantly light-skined actors. This "whitewashing" has spread into other cultures as well and only sets up standards that only a few can achieve. By spreading these false ideals, the entertainment industry is only setting itself up to fail.

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