My Save Haven

February 9, 2018
By Livana BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Livana BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Kelly Cary's article "My Safe Haven" extremely moving given the fact that she had overcome the fact her sister was ill and the abuse she had taken from her. I agree with the fact that everyone has a safe haven throughout their life that they use in order to get past many obstacles they face. Similar to Kelly "books became the life preservers" in my life during the time that my family had to get past an accident that affected all of us but mostly my other sibling. My parenst life took a drastic change when it occured and so did mine. Seeing that I seem to have the responsibility of caring for my other siblings more than a teenage girl should take on. Though my experience may not be as drastic as to what Kelly went through I can place my agreement that safe havens are what lets one escape reality. Thank you Kelly for taking your time and expressing the fact that the simplest daily activity can become a safe haven for anyone. 

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