"Girls with Cherry Lipstick Smiles" by Giselle Ponce-Lucatero

February 9, 2018
By Grecia.Felix16 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Grecia.Felix16 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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The article "Girls with Cherry Lipstick Smiles" by Giselle Ponce-Lucatero talks about the harsh reality of how most high school girls think. A significant amount of girls compare each other to their peers because they believe being popular is everything, apart from wanting to be popular with the other girls, but "it doesn't last forever". Lucatero is able to establish an understanding of how the girls put in the effort just for them to get recognized, but she is able to bring to light how not everyone is like that. She uses personal experience to demonstrate how some girls do not desire expensive clothes and stylish accessories because they understand how it is all there temporarily. Within this article, most girls are able to relate to the author's experience because it is something that happens often but everything comes down to a person's character despite how a person might appear on the outside. It is best for people to stay true to themselves and not base their personality on high school popularity.

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