How to Date: A Helpful Guide for the Horribly Confused

February 9, 2018
By BrianSanchez SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
BrianSanchez SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Lindsey Wiseman's article quite helpful and extremely moving to know that now I can rely on having a helpful guide with romance. I can agree with Lindsey because of my past experience, (Getting cheated on) now I know what I did wrong (Not enough catcalling). Although, I do firmly disagree with you Lindsey on “Step 2:” because I personally believe “planning the outing” is the most important. I don't think any girl would like to be “dumpster diving” while their boyfriend is babysitting their little brother. Woman would rather prefer a one-on-one date not on A,B,C,D relationship. Thank you, Lindsey Wiseman for these great advices and for considering your personal thoughts on how to help others to have a successful romance in life.

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