Commentary on "We Need Less Homework"

February 9, 2018
By AuroraG. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
AuroraG. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Aidan Robinson's article, "We Need Less Homework," ws insgihtfully written and supported by credible, relevant evidence, making the piece a satisfying work that every student in the United States can appreciate. I myself have toiled over seemingly endless piles of homework, only to see it dismissed and the pile replenished.

However, unlike Robinson, I see the beneift of homework. I benefit from it, and several of my friends benefit from it. My issue is that teacher's do not appreciate your work. Hours of work may give you a grade, but no praise or satisfaction. A student is not recognized. 

Perhaps, if motivated for their own success, rather than a letter grade, students would feel less of the anxiety and lethargy associated with homework and see assignments as practice for future success. 

However, I agree that homework should be limited, teachers more qualified, and schools should "place more value on students well being" instead of their test scores. 

After all, happy students are curious. Curiousity breeds motivation to learn. And motivation is the key to everything. 

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