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February 8, 2018
By alyssa0401 PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
alyssa0401 PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
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"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."

     "Nights Like These" by Maeve Brennan is a beautiful poem that describes significant memories she makes once the stars encroach on the sky. She wanders throughout the city and observes the little things that compose the display before her, including certain scents and minute setting details. It begins with an optimistic tone, with phrases such as, "nights like these when memories become infinite in your palms-" However, this transforms into a more depressing one by the final few lines, including when Maeve writes, "nights like these... slip through my fingers and suddenly are no more-" This shows how rapidly important moments can disappear from our lives and expresses the vacant feeling we are left with when these times have become nothing but a foggy memory.

     This poem was extremely relatable because I always make an effort to notice the wonders of nature. When outside within the depths of the night, contentedness sews itself into my heart. However, dawn will always break and, as time elapses, the moments seem to fade into nothingness. Nostalgia overtakes my mind, but with it comes a sense of longing for what I will never get back. Maeve's poem captured these complex emotions and turned them into a stanza of sophisticated wording and figurative language, making "Nights Like These" one of the most memorable pieces I have encountered in a long time.

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