Feedback on The Last Good-Bye

February 7, 2018
By firstlovves SILVER, Brooklyn , New York
firstlovves SILVER, Brooklyn , New York
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“The Last Good-Bye,” written by Rachel Dunn is a memoir about the loss of a family member. A hug and the words “I love you” would be exchanged between Rachel and her father every morning before he left for work. His job was both risky and harmful because he was a black policeman. One day, Rachel’s father left for work. But he didn't come back that night.
As I read “The Last Good-Bye,” my heart fell. Rachel’s father didn't  deserve to be mistreated and disrespected. He shouldn't have been called names like Uncle Tom or traitor. His job was to be a cop, but that ultimately led to his downfall. Rachel didn't deserve to have someone important to her pass away. But life is unfair. To live a life leads to a life of suffering.

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