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Feedback on Reverse Racism Is Not Real

February 6, 2018
By HugoZ SILVER, New York, New York
HugoZ SILVER, New York, New York
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Reverse Racism is not real? Think about that question, and ask yourself that again. Racism is a huge issue in the advanced world, whether it is towards blacks, asians, or any other races. In any case, what numerous people choose to ignore, or maybe more precisely, neglect to recognize, is that racism towards white people do exist. “Reverse Racism Is Not Real,” written by Elizabeth O. is something that people may agree with, but I am not one of those people. I know the first thought of people who support that piece may think of me as a spoiled white brat, but in fact, i'm not even white, im asian. I think it is horrible that people think whites are born with a special “white privilege,” and I think that is false. To be honest, any type of discrimination toward someone's skin color is blatant racism, not “reverse racism.” I have heard some people say that if a black moves into a white neighborhood they would get racism, but tell me that won’t happen vice versa.

It is obvious that racism is horrible, and i’m not saying that I support racism. It is wrong for a Muslim to automatically be labeled as a terrorist or African American to be labeled as a thief. It is also wrong to think that all white people believe that their skin color makes them superior compared to other races. It isn’t the 1600s where there is slavery, so I don't believe stating that Reverse Racism isn’t a thing that exists in the world. Reverse racism is a thing that exists. I believe that all racism in fact should be eradicated, no matter what race or ethnicity.

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