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January 23, 2018
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“Christmas Checkout” is a short but heartwarming story by Ella S. about a cashier working in a pharmacy on Christmas Eve. It opens with one of infinitely many typical scenes that a customer assistant has to face; not a particularly frustrating or uncooperative customer, but one that was just disrespectful enough for it to chafe against her experience. Too many customers like this, and anyone would become as cynical and tired as Valentina had. But an unexpectedly kind customer ends up making her day a little better, and even changes her outlook on the holiday season in general. This story highlighted the emotions that all cashiers face, especially around the holidays. Valentina’s experiences made her so upset that she grew to dislike the entire holiday season; it was only the girl that returned her spirit. This classic theme was retold in a new and interesting way, a way that people would be able to identify with more than Scrooge. I know I was enraptured throughout the entire text, and I’m sure you will end up being just as appreciative as I was of this enlightening piece of writing.

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