Feedback on Boy Scouts Is for Boys

January 23, 2018
By HugoZ SILVER, New York, New York
HugoZ SILVER, New York, New York
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“Boy Scouts Is for Boys,” is a beautifully constructed piece created by Rik , and I agree with everything that’s written in the article. Boy scouts should only be Boys, and if anyone asks why, it says so in the name “Boy Scouts.” The boy scouts has “107 years of tradition” and why should that be broken. Rik agrees with the other side by stating,” I agree with those who have stated that the Boy Scout program would benefit girls in many ways…” and I agree with Rik. Just update the girls scout program to be similar to the boy scouts. You don’t have to combine them both together. This piece is very satisfying to read, and helps to let out the feelings of its readers, whether it is agreeing with Rik or not.

Just update the girls scouts. Then, they would be able to learn the same things and do the same things as the Boy Scouts do. These two programs can co-exist next to each other. I can understand why girls would want to join the boy scouts, they want to use outdoor skills and apply it to life, as well as also being able to earn Eagle, but it doesn’t have to be together.

The lines “...we only hear of the upsides of these troopes because no one wants to talk about the downsides,” is something that I like to hear in pieces like this, because it shows that the author has their own opinion. Rik is clearly for the Boys Scouts only havings Boys, and before I wasn’t sure of it, but now I am. Boy Scouts should only be for boys, and I encourage people to read this whichever side you are on this topic.

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