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January 24, 2018
By proudly-nerdy SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
proudly-nerdy SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“ If I Were Mayor of Greenwood” by Anastasia T. is a well-written piece that brings readers into the little town of Greenwood, where Friday football games are the center of their society. In this town, we see the jocks getting all the credit and popularity, always at the top of the social hierarchy in Greenwood. However, creativity in this town is not as appreciated as the football players, band members getting no credit for the hours on end of practice, and people with new ideas being put off as ridiculous. Anatasia states that should she ever become mayor of this small town, she would make sure that the creative people, the ones with innovative ideas, would get a chance to speak up and have their ideas truly considered instead of simply flung off as ridiculous. As well, as a result of Greenwood being such a small town, it’s citizens are not as used to diversity as those who live in large metropolises, such as New York City and Los Angeles. So, in their community, being gay or bisexual is out of the question, as you would get bullied by your fellow peers and receive more judgement from your decision that you should. Even some of the teachers may not be as accepting or understanding as they should. Anastasia states that she wants to help “foster acceptance through education” something that for a town as small as Greenwood is critical. Students and adults alike would all benefit from such change and would make kids who are gay feel accepted and safe within their own community. Anatasia has many creative ideas to change this small town and make it and the people in it overall better. Her ideas would be innovative for the entire town, and other towns similar to Greenwood may follow behind them. Anastasia T. wrote her ideas beautifully on paper, and it brings me hope for my generation. If she were to run for mayor of Greenwood, I would be the first to give her my vote if I could.

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