Feedback on Ellen the Generous

January 24, 2018
By SabinaZ SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
SabinaZ SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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The article article named Ellen the Generous by Sophia M. caught my eye in the magazine because it brought thee true message from Ellen DeGeneres, which is being kind to one another. The article talked about how she brought different people of different ages to the stage and not just celebrities. Her tickets are free, and the audience gets prizes as well. Ellen partners with “Shutterstock”, and “Cheerios’ to reach people all over the world and help give thousands of dollars to different causes. She was awarded the Medal of Freedom by Obama. Sophia also talked about her struggling past, about coming out, and telling on national television that she is a lesbian. After she told everyone, she inspired others to come out as well.

 This article by Sophia M. proves all of Ellen’s haters wrong. She is an amazing person, who accomplished a lot in her life and this article showed that. According to the article it states “She often surprises people in the audience by giving them money for their organizations.” Ellen tries to help people who are struggling with the money that she earns herself. Sophia wrote the piece very well, and portrayed Ellen well.

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