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January 22, 2018
By Stella.V SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Stella.V SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Brooklyn Beginnings by Kerishma T. is the perfect name to encapsulate the coincidentally profound meeting of two strangers. Kaira missed the 7:15 bus to Queens on Christmas Eve where she is headed to see her family. Although, she is dreading the visit because of her father’s insist ions for her to become a doctor; even though she wants wants to be a writer. She is frustrated when she finds out the only other bus there is comes only at 12, but changes her perspective when she meets Toni.

This story is one of those New York stories, the ones that seem unbelievably amazing and only happen in the big city. When Kaira meets Toni she is hesitant to spend time with him, but his charismatic and comical personality sway her anyway. They go around the city and Toni ends up making Kaira feel more alive than she's ever been. But undoubtedly Toni’s biggest impact on Kaira is his advice for her to follow her writing passions, and not make it her only mission to please her parents. The friendship of Toni and Kaira is heart warming, and so is the message of this piece. It's quick, fun, sweet, and definitely worth the read. So take a New York minute or two, and read this great piece.

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