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January 22, 2018
By some_dude SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
some_dude SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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 Ridden with a nut allergy, Alexa has been exposed to sweet, succulent delicacies, that only to her wear a seducing facade with a identity of danger. It’s not only the allergy that cursed Alexa eating only nut-free food, but she admits it is her battle with temptation. “Bittersweet Temptations” by Alexa W. is an excellent piece of writing about the author’s own troubles with appealing yet deadly food and her own intuition. It offers a considerate perspective of how food allergies can affect one’s life and decisions.

I have a dust allergy, an allergy with a minor drawback in my life and a mutual reaction. But having a nut allergy seemed like a nightmare. Not having to eat peanut M&Ms, peanut butter, or just plain crunchy peanuts is a complete horror to me. Alexa’s “Bittersweet Temptations” gave me another glimpse of how not having to eat certain foods to not receive a death-welcoming body reaction , but to ignore the temptation to not eat those foods.

One of the aspects I adore of this piece is the delicious details. Alexa happens to give the reader flashbacks where her nut allergy is quite significant in the situation, where she stuffs the reader’s vision with vivid details. In the flashback of her participating in a friend’s birthday party as a six year old, she invites the reader with ”glutinous little hands, leaving syrupy residue on pastel streamers and balloons,”, glittering the reader the atmosphere. Another aspect I enjoyed was the creative hyperboles and the individual personifications. I love how she exaggerates the villainous cakes’ alluring exteriors and her personification of temptation: a bad boy that plays around with your emotions, planning how to break you apart, physically in Alexa’s case.

Overall, I believed that Alexa brought the reader to her eyes, with temptation hanging over her shoulder, battling over the decisions she choose to whatever she consumes. Her “Bittersweet Temptations” is not only an eye opener to one’s border of a despicable nut allergy but how temptation can affect us, screwing around with one’s diligence to staying alive, or staying reserved, or staying to the standards of others or whatever direction it wants you to go opposite.

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