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January 22, 2018
By JxshTxng SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
JxshTxng SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“Mandarin, Sweet as Juice” by Saraswati V. brought me back to my Summer ‘17 when I had gone through my experience of prep school. The author describes his/her experience learning Mandarin, first not having any knowledge of the language. “Learning was tough, at first. I knew next to nothing about Mandarin tonalities and had no previous experience learning the language,” Saraswati exclaims. The author then goes on to tell how he/she was able to slowly improve and make progress just like how years of creative writing enabled him/her to become an outstanding writer. “As the classes went on, I slowly found that I was making connections. Just as my 10 years of playing piano have allowed me to become published in Teen Ink and editor-in-chief of my school’s literary magazine.” Saraswati describes.

Saraswati’s descriptions reminded me of my summer when I attended prep school. Just like Saraswati, I struggled at first but was then able to quickly pick up speed and eventually understand the topic being taught to me thoroughly. In addition, I too also had to take public transportation and went to stores and bought bagels and Frozen Lemonade infused with yogurt and traditional bubble tea. Just like Saraswati, my summer had started out slow but soon began to accelerate into a new memorable experience. 

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