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January 21, 2018
By kristenjwang SILVER, NY, New York
kristenjwang SILVER, NY, New York
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“The Butterfly Effect” by Ann A. is a beautifully-crafted piece, describing an disastrous, horrible experience of hers, encountering the Butterfly Effect. Essentially, the Butterfly Effect is like dominoes-if one domino topples over in a domino chain, the rest of the piece would collapse as well; every action evokes a chain of reactions. Though, her encounter wasn’t as minor as playing baseball and having fun, though, eventually breaking your mother’s vase and getting yelled at; Ann definitely had it more severe, experiencing something that would pierce her perspective of her family forever.

The story starts off wish a tease of the conflict, describing her experience, saying,” A nightmare...I have not woken up from.” As the story progresses, she describes her life in the past as a really joyful life- she had loving parents, and a sister she could look up to. Though, things took a turn when that sister she once knew as a happy, near- perfect, beautiful lady became possessed by an insane and alcoholic brute. Her parents then became stress and worried as Ann’s sister worsened. Her parents would fight; soon enough, Ann couldn’t find that light of hope and happiness in her parents’ eyes anymore. Her life of joy was hanging on a thread...until her sister’s condition became relieved. Her parents were happy again. Her sister was happy again. She was happy again.
However, it wasn’t long for everything to go into shambles again. Her sister’s condition woke, and everything worsened-it was more terrible than the first time. Ann’s life became miserable...and even when her sister’s condition was cured once more, enough damage had already been done. That sister she once thought was the epitome of a wonderful human destroyed her life. A perfect life became a sequence of storms, where the Butterfly Effect plays out.

I loved this piece by Ann tremendously. It not only informed me about this effect, but it also told a disappointing and heartfelt story. Although I don’t appreciate stories with sad endings often, this particular article definitely gets my recommendation.

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