“Labels we live by” by Anudeepa R.

January 11, 2018
By Anonymous

I found Anudeepa R.’s article “Labels we live by” extreamly moving because everything she she wrote spoke the truth. We judge someone before we get to know them, “ each of us lives with labels about our intelligence, appearance, talent, oddities, occupations, and ways of speech”. A person shouldn’t be justified by how they look or where they come from, they should be justified as the person they portray themselves to be. As the saying goes treat other as you would like to be treated. This generation seems to be souly based on what others think of you, the way you dress or style your hair has to fit in with what’s trending at the time. Thank you Anudeepa for stating what this generation tends to be oblivious to and for explaining what a teenager thinks of as they’re getting ready for High school.

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