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January 12, 2018

I can appreciate Rik Bhattacharyya's acticl "Boy couts Is for Boys" o a few points, first off, i'd lik to agree with your thought that co-ed troops would cause more trouble for camp leaders, who woud have to keep watch at night i case of teens with raging hormones. Iwoul also agree that we should have some sort of update to the venture program like you said, and as some complain that the girl scout troop in their area is "too girly", i would propose that some troops ould just choose to teach the outdoor activities assoiated with the boy scouts. I would finally agree that this program could open the door for future instaces of the boy scouts beig forced to conform to societal pressures, and this is coming from a atheist who would still say god in the oath. (it doesn't really bother me when i say it in the declaration of independence, its just a oath and a word, it's not going to get under my skin.) My solution would be to give the troops the choice to freely decide for themselves if they want to teach indoor or outdoor skills, not to melt away the exclusivity of a organization that has been around for over a century. My advice to any person who is disatisfied with their troop not doing outdoor activities would be to simply find one that does, anyways, thank you Rik, for being brave enough to share a opinion that wouldn't be considered the popular public opinion.

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