Labels we live by: Review

January 12, 2018
By AlexisC18 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
AlexisC18 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"Labels We Live By" is an outstanding piece discussing the journey many people have to face when breaking out of the labels that were given to them the moment they are seen. Anudeepa Ramachadian, the author, speaks about his experience and how "only a few glances" could change how others treat him. However, he is not the only one, everyone is jugded whether it is positive or negative, and it still harms out identites making us go throught an identity crisis wondering who we really are under the labels given to us by others. Anudeepa went throught this, and he came out strong and more confident in himself. Anyone can break away from the labels, and this was just Aundeeps'. Thank you, for showing the readers that we can be more than a label. 

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