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January 11, 2018
By kidssss BRONZE, Phonixe, Arizona
kidssss BRONZE, Phonixe, Arizona
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I love the article “Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop”written by Sophia Cetina. It is a story about high schooolers joining a pre- college camp in Ohio and how it happens during the summer.I can relate to her because college is a big part of my future Life and these programs makes me want join a pre-college program.I found out that Sophia was learning so many things with people from different countries would join this ohio summer college. I found out that in summer pre-college you can find a topic that interests my imagination with the help from college students.I agree that she is making teens want to get into college at a early stage in their life .So I just wanted to let Sophia to know that her article was very interesting to me and others teens will be trying to find a pre college camp near them now.

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