My Battle with Mental Illness

January 11, 2018
By Gaby_G BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Gaby_G BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Erin’s article “My Battle with Mental Illness” extremely moving because everyone has “lights and shadows in their lives” and Erin struggled with a “ dangerous downward spiral of depression and PTSD”. She had a happy bright life but then someone caused her to go into her dark thoughts. Erin wanted to get rid of her pain by killing herself but failed. In the end she fought against her illness and got help. There are many people who go what Erin went through. Those with depression are broken iqnside and are also sad and the sadness devours them and by getting rid of the pain they are suffering they commit suicide. They want to run away from the dark and find the light. People who die from suicide don’t want to end their life, they want to end their pain.

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