My reaction to " Boy Scouts is for boys"

January 11, 2018
By Boyer SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Boyer SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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       The “Boy Scouts is for Boys” article truly connects with me. This article by Rik Bhattacharyya illustrates my opinion on the recent changes the Boy Scouts Organization made over the past few months. I think it would be a better choice “ if the Girls Scout program was updated“ than to include girls in the Boys Scout, instead, they should’ve worked to include the Boys Scout outdoor training in Girls Scout, I could even agree with the Girls Scout organization creating new sections for learning how to camp and how to survive in the wilderness, maybe even include that section in the whole program to educate girls on how to survive outdoors. Another reason why I agree that girls shouldn’t be allowed into the boys scout is also because boys and girls are different, they have different mindsets, different things they like, I know they’re girls who act manly and men who wear makeup, I know and understand that, but usually, you don’t see men wear makeup and girls actually “manly.” To force people who learned how to train just boys really well, it would seem to be a bad idea to have those same guys train girls, who usually have a different personality from boys. It would lead to disorganization, plus, security would cost more since you would have to separate them by gender instead of just having a new section in the Girls Scout.  I get that women what to feel more included in more organizations, I understand that, but it doesn’t justify the action to just “throw out 107 years of tradition.” That’s why I agree with the article “Boy Scouts is for Boys“, I have to thank Rik Bhattacharya for taking his time writing the article, I truly loved it!

The author's comments:

This written feedback letter isn't just about the article "Boy Scouts is for Boys", it's also about how to make the girls scout better and how we can sometimes fix these recent problems. Recently, the Boys Scout Organization started to be more inclusive, they first started to except transgendered people, then, they recently announced that girls can be in the Boys Scout. I hoope you enjoy reading the article. 


Note:The photo has nothing to do with the feedback letter and the article. 

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