Labels We Live By

January 10, 2018
By J-Castro SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
J-Castro SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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In the article, "Labels We Live By," I agree with the statements that Anudeepa Ramachandiran has stated in their article. Although some people are correct when they assume someone's ethnicity or personality, many tend to just "brand people" after just glancing over and not taking the time to get to know that person. As humans we tend to judge and show empathy for others but as humans that's what makes us all different. I can relate to the statement of people deciding who one is before that person shows them who they truly are because although one might be considered "weird"' they can actually turn out to be laid back and fun to be around. Some people might not care about others assumptions of what their ethnicity is or how they are, but there are some who aren't so pleased with that because they're being judged without getting known. As humans, we need to stop labeling others and not put people into "preconceived factions" without understanding them first. Many will say labels are just words but if one uses it incorrectly, that person will start acting like the label that was given. So as a society, we must stop labeling others and start to get to know that person.  

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