How to Support People With Disabilities

January 10, 2018
By Anahii BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Anahii BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"How to Support People With Disabilities" by Lauren Ofman is very a very heart touching story. I agree with Lauren when she says," People with disabilities don't need us to speak for them"..."They need us to listen..."(28). Their are many teens that get bullied and judged because according to others they are "different". Really, they are exactly the same just with a little disability. They all want to be treated fairly and equally like any other person. People really just have to listen because disabled people are getting their feelings hurt. When Lauren says,"There is always something you can do,even if it's small"(28). We should overthink this and think about how we would feel if we were in a disability persons position. Thank you Lauren for writing this great story. You were right about every detail and hopefully others will listen to what disabled people have to say.

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