Boy scouts is for boys

January 10, 2018
By Time4ryan SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Time4ryan SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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         I strongly agree with this artice Rik Bhattacharyya. You have a valid argument agenst the movement to change the (boys only) boy scouts to a non-gender biased organization. boy scouts have been around for a long time, and shoud keep tradition. There are "only girls" girl scouts. Another point wich caught my attention was the fact the you agree with the fact women have the right to want to know and learn the skills of outdoors and code of conduct, but should be taught through the girl scout program. Theres no reason we should change something held with years of tradition, when you can update the way girscouts is taught and ran. This shold be addressed with common sence. A mix of youg adventurous teens could "lead to distractios" and in turn, having leadership to go above and beyond to make sure natural insticnt doesnt kick in, and endup explaining to a young girls parents why she got pregnant while in camp with some restless teens. Keeping both boys anfd gilrs seprate while acomplishing the same tasks asked of by the scout leaders, allows for no accidents, less distrations and an equal comunity of compromise within the scout community.

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