Health Class Failure

January 9, 2018
By a.oehler SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
a.oehler SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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I agree with the article “I Failed Health Class“ written by Tim M. I liked when the author said,  “55% of LGBT teens in our public school feel unsafe for being who they are.”  I think that was a good fact to put in, so readers really open their eyes and see over half LGBT teens that go to public schools are too scared to show who they are. I also liked how the author said, “We like to say we know to solve problems the LGBT students face but this is false.” Most public schools do not ever talk about the LGBT students‘ point of view. The author made a very good point. Overall, I thought this article was interesting. It opened my eyes because I’ve never thought about how LGBT teens felt about things or even notice that we do not talk about LGBT problems.

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