Fans Want Football Not Protest

January 9, 2018
By Cyoungker BRONZE, Ayersville, Ohio
Cyoungker BRONZE, Ayersville, Ohio
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The writing titled “Fans Want football Not Protest,” written by Jaden K., talks about players need to play and not protest. His writing left me feeling surprised that people are worried about it. I agree with this article because football should be played, not protested. He writes, “The NFL has now become a platform for political commentary.” I can not relate because where I live we play, not protest. I do not understand why you want to protest if you make millions of dollars. I am surprised someone could be that disrespectful towards something that gave us our freedom. He writes, “Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem.” I do not see the issue anywhere else. The story is written well because it shows all sides of this matter. The arguments are strong. I am not confused by anything, other than why would you want to kneel during our anthem.

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