"Labels We Live By" Review

January 9, 2018

“Labels We Live By” was written by Anadeepa R. It talks about how he is treated differently than others. His/Her writing left me feeling shocked. I’m shocked about how this person is treated so differently than others just because of his looks. I disagree by the way he was treated just because he looks different. I saw the same issue way before when I was young. I saw a kid getting picked on by two other kids. I was too young and was too short to help. I felt useless when it was  happening.The author writes, “Shy, talkative, annoying, easygoing, beautiful, ugly, popular, outcast, white, black, brown, Hispanic, Asian, s***, prude, gay, straight, smart, and stupid.” This is written very well. He really expresses himself when writing this story. The author writes,  “  People were deciding who I was before I got the chance to show them.” I understand how this guy/girl feels.

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