Big Brother in the Classroom Surveillance in Modern Education

January 9, 2018
By koltonmccloud BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
koltonmccloud BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled “Big Brother in the Classroom Surveillance in Modern Education,” written by Jacob C., talks about how schools watch everything kids do online. His writing left me feeling worried.I strongly agree with this article. I felt like what the police and schools are doing is very intrusive of students’ privacy. I am not very surprised because I have heard about this many times before. These issues do not really show up where I am from. The only thing is that teachers can monitor what we are doing during school, but not outside of it. One of the arguments they stated was “officers of the law do have a place in schools.” In this I feel like it is saying that police do have a place in schools, but only for a reasonable reason. Also, I think the article is written very well and nothing really left me confused or lost. Lastly, I want to address a very valid point that was stated, ”Like a snapchat liberty disappears more quickly than you think,” I think this says it all like how all your liberties can be taken away in seconds.

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