Review "Labels we Live by"

January 9, 2018
By Anonymous

The article “Labels we Live by” written by Anudeepa R. tells a great story that loads of great people can relate and learn from. The article starts off with listing a list of words that people sometimes get labeled as. It really focuses on the fact that people get labeled every day and words and labels really do make a difference in how people act. The article even goes onto say, “All day, everyday, we label others and people label us.” It also says,” People were deciding who I was before I got the chance to show them,” which really went well with the message they were trying to put forward. The passage tells of a thin brown-skinned girl with curly-hair who was always expected to be weak and looked different from the other girls that blonde and brunette hair as well as blue and green eyes. Well due to her slight difference in appearance,  she was treated different from the rest and they labeled her. The girl talks about how she felt like they were judging her too fast and didn't give her a chance.

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