"The Butterfly Effect" 34 by Ann

January 5, 2018
By Talon_Boi BRONZE, Defiance, OH, Ohio
Talon_Boi BRONZE, Defiance, OH, Ohio
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The writing titled “The Butterfly Effect,” written by “Ann, talks about how one action can change everything. Her writing made me feel sad. “The Butterfly Effect” talks about how a little girl’s big sister had a severe drinking problem. “‘Nena, your sister is very sick,’” her mom said. Nena was kept in the dark about it. Her sister eventually gets over it but not before her roommate sneaks drugs and alcohol to her. She writes, “Her roommate had been sneaking in drugs and alcohol.” Her sister gets over her addiction, then works at a Rehab Center. Though, that affected young Nena a lot. Nena became shy. She kept to herself. The person she trusted most tore their family apart. She was never the same again. This article is an eye opener and a must-read.

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