Boy Scouts is for Boys

January 5, 2018
By Kallen22 BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio , Ohio
Kallen22 BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio , Ohio
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The writing titled “Boy Scouts is for Boys,” written by Rik B, talks about Boy Scouts being boys. His writing left me feeling the same as he, that Boy Scouts should be male. I think that this article is a very strong and debatable problem. In my opinion, I agree with Rik that “Boy” Scouts is for boys. In the article it states that letting girls in would break a 107-year-old tradition. I think that would be absurd for someone to do that, also in the article it talks about removing god from the oath. I highly go against this. I believe that God should be present everywhere. In the article Rik also states that the girls will be a distraction to the boys. I think this is the cold hard truth. Most of those boys have probably entered puberty and have raging hormones.

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