Review of "Labels We Live By"

January 5, 2018
By bbusch SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
bbusch SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled “Labels We Live By,” written by Anudeepa R., talks about people giving others labels after a few glances. The writing made me feel upset that people judge based on looks alone. I agree with the selection because no one should be called names at a first glance, and looks aren’t always everything. I can relate because when you have a disability, people stare all the time. They will say things like “weird” or “creepy,” but that's just at first glance. I understand what it feels like to be labeled when they don't define me. I even see this in my life because every day people label each other just by looking at them. She writes, “People were deciding who I was before I even got the chance to show them.” Society decides to judge people before even knowing them, and this is why we turn out to be our labels. However, we can overcome these labels and try to understand one another. She writes, “As a society, we must learn to keep our empathy but lose the the labels.” We don't let others define who we are because we are the only ones to to have a say in who we are.

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