Big Brother in the Classroom: Surveillance in Modern Education

January 5, 2018
By nhurst2021 BRONZE, Defiacne, Ohio
nhurst2021 BRONZE, Defiacne, Ohio
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The writing titled “Big Brother in the classroom: Surveillance in Modern Education,” written by Jacob C., talks about surveillance in schools. His writing left me feeling interested. In my opinion schools should keep surveillance to a minimum. The author talks about students and how “schools train them in the concept of ever present, all seeing surveillance.” I think children should be taught about surveillance in schools and online instead of just accepting it. The students should be taught why schools have surveillance around the building and online.  The author also says, “Like a Snapchat liberty disappears more quickly than you know.” I think liberty is like a Snapchat. It may appear to be gone, but it never truly is gone. I also don’t believe surveillance is taking our liberty away, but I think it should be kept to a minimum. Governments or schools should not be able to see what people do at home.

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