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Labels We Live By

January 5, 2018
By vsroufe BRONZE, Ayersville, Ohio
vsroufe BRONZE, Ayersville, Ohio
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The writing titled “Labels We Live By,” written by Anudeepa R., talks about the labels people are given. Her writing left me feeling proud. In her writing there are some ways I can relate. The first way I can relate to her writing is the way people make assumptions about any person without getting to know them first. I can definitely relate. When I’ve moved to a new school, no one knew me and l automatically judged me on my appearance. She wrote, “All throughout elementary school, I found it easy to make friends no matter where I went.” That’s a true fact. I could make friends very easily when I was younger. Another way I can relate is when you get labeled no one expects you to do anything else that interests you. I’m always labeled as shy or the quiet one. It is true, but I’m way different when someone gets to know me. “  had to learn how to face all of the labels,” the author explained. I also can relate to that too. Not all labels are bad, but people just have to learn not to let it turn them into the person they are thought to be. Everyone deals with labels these days. Everyone just needs to learn to not let the labels get ahold of them. They need to be themselves, and that’s the best person that anyone can be. The way the author learns to stand up for herself makes me proud.

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