Health Class Failure

January 5, 2018
By baldie BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
baldie BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled “Health Class Failure,” written by Tim M., talks about schools needing to give LGBT students better education, and it left me feeling dissatisfied. This article was correct on so many things. Many health classes don’t teach us LGBT students how to safely have sex. Health classes typically only refer to heterosexual students. I’ve never heard any teacher talk about how homosexual students can have protected and safe sex. “55% of LGBT teenagers in public schools feel unsafe,” Tim explains. I believe it. Many LGBT teens are scared of what peers think of them. I strongly believe if schools educated us more on LGBT issues then more people would be more accepting. The article also states, “LGBT teens miss three times more school.” This is because they don’t feel accepted the way other kids are. Schools need to shine a light on LGBT kids and make sure they’re learning just as much as other kids.

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