Ellen the Generous

January 5, 2018
By Elizabeth_Wank4 BRONZE, Defience, Ohio
Elizabeth_Wank4 BRONZE, Defience, Ohio
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The writing titled “Ell the Generous,” written by Sophia M., talks about Ellen DeGeneres. Her writing left me feeling that I could do more to help those in need. While reading this article, I could understand how Ellen DeGeneres is such a kind person because there are kind people in a world like ours. Sophia writes, “In 2016 President Obama awarded Ellen with the Medal of Freedom. This is the highest honor a civilian can get awarded.” I understand how Ellen could be so kind even though before her show she came out as a lesbian. No, I am not surprised because everyone had kindness in them just some use their kindness to shower people with it. Yes, this is not an issue more like a feeling you get when you win a Grammy. I love that it is like Ellen has an invisible shield in front of her blocking out all the negativity. In the way she smiles or always is laughing is her shield shinning it’s brightest. Sophia writes, “Ellen is almost 60 years old, and she has never looked better in anyone’s eyes.”

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