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December 21, 2017
By JxshTxng SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
JxshTxng SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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  “A Party of Flavors” by Grace K. made my mouth water as I read through her vivid details of how bibimbap is made. As I read the first few lines of her piece, my eyes went through the words slowly and as soon as my eyes met the line “A black, scorching stone pot with vines of steam soaring up from the bottom,” I began to read faster, trying to take in all the flavorful and thorough descriptions. She begins her article by describing how people that aren’t exposed to Korean culture think about when they first hear the word bibimbap. She then continues on by telling the reader how the dish is started - with a “black, scorching stone pot with vines of steam soaring up from the bottom.” Grace then goes on to beautifully describe the colors of the dish being created and how each ingredient plays a significant part in the Korean creation. She finishes off her piece by explaining how the dish explodes with different kinds of flavor as you eat it and how in just a short period of time, nothing is left in the bowl.
  As I read Grace’s article, I could feel the flavors exploding in my mouth even though I wasn’t really tasting the dish. Even if you just ate or hadn’t eaten in hours. her flavorful descriptions will make your hunger start to grow stronger. Next thing you know your mouth will begin to water and your eyes will be dashing across the paper. The line “To top it all off, a thick, spicy, red chili paste is poured in a perfect spiral around the bowl. It slowly soaks into the vegetables and meat, adding a hint of sweetness and spice,” gives you a vivid image of the dish being made and how the dish tastes like. Grace’s piece about a Korean dish was a dish of creative and descriptive writing in itself.

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