Women Need a Seat at the Table

October 26, 2017
By BigCheese BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
BigCheese BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled “Women Need a Seat at the Table,” written by Kayleigh P., talks about how women don’t have any say in the government. Her writing did not surprise me in the least. I decided to respond to this article due to my dislike of iggnorance. This article gave me the impression that it would discuss how women “don’t have a say in the government”; however, it’s merely an article centered around bashing a man named Mike Pence. It starts off with them explaining what he says: “he does not dine alone with female colleagues” or “does not attend parties with alcohol without his wife.” They state that is sexist, and he is intolerant because he does not like same-sex marriage. While he may not be very tolerant, it looks to me like they are being even more intolerant. If they can not be tolerant of people they don’t agree with, then they are just as bad as Pence. I’m also male which automatically means I’m wrong in this subject; one of them might read this article and go “he’s entolerant” in a much less distinguished way, which proves my point.

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