The Day My School Was Bombed

October 18, 2017
By ElbaVargas00 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
ElbaVargas00 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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 In the story "The Day My school was bombed" by Zeina A., she talks about the time her school was bombed and how she saved her brothers,"Zeid" life. It made me realize how annoying siblings can be, they still mean so much." I thought about all the times I'd made fun of him,yelled, threatened,and chased him from my room"(Zeina A.20). She makes a big point in life because it can open anyones eyes and make others re-think how important anyone can be, it doesnt have to be your sibling. Also, the fact that she was about to give up but, looked at her brother and gave her a sign that she also had another live to be safed.Zeina A. is a big model, to her brother and to others. It's awesome how she wrote the story and survived to tell it.

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