Should We Take Down Rebel Statues?

November 15, 2017
By JonathanCrowly SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
JonathanCrowly SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I whole-heartedly agree with Molly's "Should We Take Down Rebel Statues" and the idea of meeting in the middle on the issue of Confederate statues. I also agree that some of these statues should remain as they "honor and commemorate all of the soldiers who have made sacrifices for this country" even if they came from the south, like if you have a relative fight in the war and possibly give his life, that you would have a reason for wanting the statues to remain, eve if you don't share a single idea with those of white supremicists. Lastly, I approve of the idea of keeping most of the statues up while putting the more controversial ones in public museums. Thank you Molly, for giving a idea of peaceful compromise in the otherwise chaotic storm of demonization surronding this topic.

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