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November 14, 2017
By proudly-nerdy SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
proudly-nerdy SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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When you look at an ordinary object, do you think of its story? Do you question where it had come from; what its backstory may be? In the realistic fiction short story, “Sink” by Stephanie O., the controversial main character is instructed to do exactly that. Stephanie successfully captures her readers into the story with the simplicity of the title and the hook that brings readers eager to see where the story may lead. By the end, however, readers may leave not only questioning the everyday objects around them, but questioning themselves as well. Such an effect ties in with the complexity of the main character, Morgan, who had gone through a traumatic experience that is not revealed until the end. However, many hints are woven in throughout the story that give readers a clue as to what it may have been. Every detail in the story is carefully plotted throughout the text to keep readers hooked until the end, and leave them wanting to know more. To be able to keep readers hooked is an admirable skill that requires precision and patience so that you, as the author, do not spill everything to the readers in the beginning. For Stephanie O. to be able to incorporate her skill into “Sink” is truly an accomplishment worthy of praise from her audience, whether they may have enjoyed the story or disliked it.“Sink” by Stephanie O. entrances the reader into its grasp and does not release even after reaching the end of the story. Overall, it is a wonderful realistic fiction short story which brings readers on the edge of their seat until the end, and leaves them not only with a different outlook on objects they may see on a regular occasion, but a different outlook on themselves as well.

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