The Great Triple Baconator

November 14, 2017
By Leonzo BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Leonzo BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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While reading upon the article, "The Great Triple Baconator," I couldn't help help but feel a potential and persistent sense of hunger for the Triple Baconator thanks to the author's beautiful and vivid description of the course meal. With an interesting hook as an introduction and the background, the author gives a well-orchestrated explanation of her situation. However, the article's forte comes when she transitions from one ordinary experience into a memorable life lesson; therefore, the message by the author becomes clear to the reader once her situation was connected to the theme. With that in mind, Stafford proudly states her message with a bold and fresh stance with concise yet descriptive statements that are "juicy" to the reader.

What Stafford's message expressed was to take a challenge one bite at a time. When I first read that, I felt inspired to start changing myself. Not only is the message great in itself with it's excellent meaning, but it is also extremely easy to remember. Thus, readers can remind themselves persistently about that with ease for some motivation with credit being given to the author. Thank you for setting yourself up as a wonderful role model for your readers.

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