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November 16, 2017
By Blank_NL BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Blank_NL BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Madelyne Taylor's article is easily able to relate to those bonds that may be small, but come on as a family. I myself am part of a trumpet section that had once started small. My section leader was among the best, but he struggled to control us. The freshmen were quite a disrespectful bunch and we knew it was going to be a difficult season. Madelyne easily defines what the beginning and end of the season always feels like. The sort of accomplishment that one feels when they finish their show on the field is one like no other, and the experience that Madelyne provided herself is quite moving and the impact it brings is a feeling of success, one of being able to make it so far thisĀ 
Marching Band Season. In relation to that, I soon will also have to lead my trumpet section, and fit into my section leader's shoes. Those out there that have a section leader that's a senior know too, that they will be a leader of their section soon enough, and we know that we must keep the pride of what it means to be a section leader in our hearts. Marching Band may not seem like all that, but it's the emotion and experience that makes the season an amazing experience. That's the impact that Madelyne provides in her article. Thank you, for helping us feel an experience like no other once again, and to those that finished their Marching Band Season, I say;

It is only the beginning.

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