Feedback on Seventeen Years Old

November 15, 2017
By SabinaZ SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
SabinaZ SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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    The identity passage called Seventeen Years Old by Sara Beyer was a piece on reality of problems between boys and girls, and family members. The piece talked about Sara’s real life experiences throughout different ages. When she was eight a boy was mean to her and her teacher told her that that just means that he likes her. She believed it and went on to ten years old. This is where a boy was peeking through a hole in the door while the girls were changing, she told her teacher and the teacher gave a “stern talking to” the boy.  Then when Sara was 13 the school’s hall monitor stopped her and said that her skirt was too short, and basically called her a distraction. She went through on describing different things that happened to her, and stopped at the age of 17. Then she talked about how they were all wrong, and I agree with her.

   I think that the way that the passage was written was amazing. Some of the things in her piece related to me, like when she was talking about when she cut her hair short and her dad told her that boys do not like girls with short hair. At the end of the passage she wrote that short hair compliments her hair. Her personal experiences and the way she wrote them hooked the reader into wanting to read more. According to the passage it states “I am 17 years old. And I now know that a girl’s young age is often not seen as a deterrent, but an enticement.” This means that a girls age is not a distraction but more of a lure, which personally I agree with. This passage by Sarah Beyer is an amazing passage that connects with a lot of people no matter their age, culture, nationality or where they are from.

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